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February 10, 2016

Tomorrow we will start an analysis of each of the leading candidates.

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Did the Hispanic Vote decide the outcome of the elections?

November 22, 2012

The Hispanic Vote didn’t decide the outcome of these elections. The GOP establishment and the Romney campaign did. Florida was the only state where Hispanics made a difference. The following is a list of the 4 major points that decided the outcome of these last elections.

1. The incumbents won 3 out of 4 debates.
2. Liberals have made great use of the media to communicate that the Democratic Party is friendly and welcoming to all demographics while the GOP are a bunch of racist greedy war mongers. The fact that this isn’t true is meaningless, the message is persuasive, and constant. Most people are not politically involved or curious enough to investigate themselves, so they rely on the media for their political education. (The Daily Show, The Colbert Report, CNN, MSNBC, etc.)
3. The Liberal Indoctrination of students. The best Universities in the country are a Mecca for liberal indoctrination.
4. Inefficient campaigns to attract Women, Black and Hispanic voters. How can the party of Martin Luther King Jr., Frederick Douglass, Abraham Lincoln, Ronald Reagan, and Susan B. Anthony loose to the party of the KKK, womanizing Bill Clinton, and Obama’s class division.
Nevertheless, the immigration quandary is a high reward opportunity that Democrats currently have an advantage in due to the GOP’s stubborn leadership and Romney’s failure to clearly present a fair, courageous and humane solution. The GOP should have provided a practical (free market) path to citizenship and/or legality to those people whom have proven to be a positive contribution to the country. However, the GOP should also have had the courage to recognize America’s own responsibility in creating the problem due to the loopholes generated by our welfare state and a poor border security. An entitlement nation will always attract a high number of immigrants who will depend on the government for its survival. Only a complete overhaul of these programs will halt the predicament that our irrational politically correct and fiscally irresponsible policies have created.
In conclusion, the party’s leadership and Romney’s inner circle ignored others expertise and did not take advantage of Obama’s poor record on the economy, foreign policy, and immigration. Many can argue that Hurricane Sandy and Governor Christie’s approval of the president didn’t help either, but I believe the list above contains stronger arguments that explain the electoral results and the challenges for the future of the Republican party.