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November 1, 2016




October 31, 2016

imageThe lack of leadership from the Obama-Hillary Team has lead to last week’s announcemeant from Russia that it has built a new nuclear missile — known as Satan 2 (interesting choice of name).

The Satan 2 will replace Russia’s current nuclear weapon, the SS-18, which is now almost 30 years old, and not capable of matching today’s sophisticated missile defence systems. During a period of strained relations with much of the West, Russia seems to be beefing up its weapons system. President Putin recently suspended a treaty with Washington that would have seen Russia dispose of plutonium originally intended for nuclear weapons.

The Neocon Doctrine of interventionism, state building, and covert state sponsored terrorism is responsible for the deaths of millions of innocent civilians worldwide. Clinton is the candidate supported by the Military Industry, and by the so-called foreign relations experts that use our soldiers as pawns for their games, and their ambitions of world domination.

Clinton’s indominable quest for the White House has lead to the strengthening of Russia’s Nuclear Program, in addition to the eventual nuclear armament of Iran. Add to this Bill Clinton’s diplomaric prowess for fomenting North Korea as a nuclear power, and we have in our hands a weakened country with $ 20 trillion in debt, with the smallest working force in generations, racially divided, morally lost, intellectually brain washed and with a large percentage of its population willingly eager to vote for more of the same.


October 27, 2016

imageAren’t you tired of the vicious circle that the establishment gives us every 4 years?

Aren’t you tired of a corrupt system?

Don’t you want to send a strong message to the media that has been endoctrinating us with lies and propaganda?

Don’t you want to stop corporations from monopolizing their power and influence?

Aren’t you tired of your taxes paying for wars, bombings, arming terrorists, corrupt politicians, prisons, and the War Industry?

Aren’t you tired of the same families and small circle of American Arostochtats from enriching themselves at our expense?