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February 28, 2016


Everyone confirmed what is already known:

Probably his best debate. He didn’t look desperate to make a point, seemed less scripted, and has a decent record. However, he is the Democrats favorite because he represents the status quo. Foreign policy, ObamaCare, the IRS, corporativism, and bad trade agreements will go unchecked under #Kasich.

Sadly his demeanor is not made for TV, nor attractive, nor inspiring enough for an audience in need for excitement, energy, and motivation. Carson can be an asset serving under Trump, but he lacks the leadership skills to be the leading presidential candidate.

RUBIO: (aka The #Shkreli of the GOP)
Rubio may have been declared the winner by the liberal media and attracted some support from establishment republicans who can’t seem able to stop the Trump, Cruz, & Carson movement of political outsiders defeating today’s GOP & the Washington Cartel; but he did it at the expense of exposing himself as the slimy demagog that he is.
Marco Rubio skillfully dodged admitting his flip-flopping to Telemundo’s Maria Celeste Arrarás’ question about his change of heart regarding deporting the parents of American citizens, and may have looked good to the neoliberal Bush crowd, but he also looked as Clintonesque as any sleazy politician can inspire to be.

Marco Rubio’s obedient attacks against Trump may have made lobbyists very happy (in addition to the obnoxious hyena-sounding laughing buffoon who screamed in ecstasy after every snarky remark from Rubio), but it also added to the disgust for smart-witted, cold-hearted, egocentric statesmen that are willing to say or do whatever is needed in order to achieve their goals.

His uncharismatic leadership style, and his willingness to bulldoze over anyone in order to achieve his personal goals feeds to the general perception of Cruz being disingenuous and self righteous.

His flip-flopping, and questionable financial practices seem hypocritical when he is very quick to accuse, judge, and sentence anyone as: unfit to be President. Cruz counts on the common belief that voters are naive, gullible, and misinformed enough to be able to read through his lies, and dirty tactics.

Ted Cruz is a well prepared candidate, with formidable debating skills, and intellectual proficiency. However, most political analysts fail to recognize that we are witnessing an evolutionary leap in the conscience of the American voter. The academic, well spoken, constitutionalist, revolutionary, utopian savior & political demagog has finally ceased to be the required characteristic for leading our nation. Decades of political corruption, pandering, patronizing, and corporate protectionism have reached a tipping point, and have found in Donald Trump the strong leader who is willing to put self-sabotaging political correctness aside in favor of a proven and pragmatic style that produces outstanding results, excellence, productivity, and unapologetic success.

Despite the attacks against his style and his accomplishments, Donald is the embodiment of an Ayn Rand character who through hard work, entrepreneurship, and ambition achieves great prosperity while also creating work and opportunities for others.
The importance of his character is not only a motivating example for goal oriented individuals, but it is a philosophical and metaphysical “way of being” that can transcend beyond his empire, and into the political realm. It’s a rebirth of the glorious time when our forefathers created a nation based on Christian principles to guide its citizens into an ontology that was capable of building a new world filled with opportunities.
Centuries later our country has fallen victim to utopianism, corruption, moral degeneration, vice, and sloth. However, the surviving optimism of the silent majority has found in Donald the leadership needed to start a new ontological revolution that will once again make our country great.