Hispanic Community Hero Rejected Illegal Immigration


Cesar Chavez is a celebrated Hispanic community hero and union leader who was a strong advocate against illegal immigration.

Cesar Chavez explained the dangers of allowing undocumented foreigners from entering the American job market through his own experience of fighting for his own job, as well as from fighting for his union members. Documented legal workers were loosing their occupations, seeing their salaries diminished, and their work benefits disappear because employers preferred to hire illegal cheaper labor that was willing to do the same work for less money, and without the worry of unions or benefits.

In 1973, Cesar Chavez and his United Farm Workers Union set up a “wet line” along the United States-Mexico border to prevent Mexican immigrants from entering the United States illegally and potentially undermining the UFW’s unionization efforts.

Chavez also witnessed the eventual growth of the Human Trafficking Industry that put in danger the lives of millions of innocent Hispanics that fell prey to the promises of reaching the Land of Oz where money grew on trees, and jobs were a never ending opportunity to achieve the American Dream. Cesar Chavez  predicted the dangers that the spread of this way of thinking created -an eventual nightmare for the low skilled American worker that lacked the knowledge, strength, and courage to fight for their rights.

Cesar Chavez was an American Labor and Civil Rights leader. The fact that he spoke spanish is no reason to believe that he favored illegal immigration. It was actually, the complete opposite.


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4 Responses to “Hispanic Community Hero Rejected Illegal Immigration”

  1. al walker (@American1st) Says:

    All good & honest people oppose Illegal Immigration as evidenced by Cesar Chavez a Hispanic community hero. SUPPORT A HERO LIKE CHAVEZ & STAND AGAINST JOBS BEING STOLEN BY ILLEGALS WHO SEND THE CASH HOME SO THEY CAN RETIRE BACK TO MEXICO.

  2. TrumpPresidente Says:

    Thanks Al for your comment. Remittances are a large percentage of Mexico’s and other Latin American countries’ GDP.
    Keep spreading the word!

  3. Rufa G. Charnetski Says:

    In the past many South Texas families who had farms or ranches helped Mexicans obtain Green Cards. Mexicans worked the land and farm houses were left open with food on the table.
    That was then; now people from Mexico/Central/South America are coming across in South Texas and women are being raped, many times by their own and many times by the “traffickers”,; they are littering, breaking down fences and dying on their trek through rough brush; in many U.S. areas Americans are being killed by Illegals (including Law Enforcement). Due to this, the Illegal Immigration must stop.
    Mexico needs to own up to their responsibility in all this by improving their country to such a degree that their citizens will want to stay in Mexico.
    Cesar Chavez, a very smart man, foresaw all this and was correct in his opposition to Illegal Immigration. He knew there was a right way and a wrong way to enter a country; thereby, helping his cause and our country.

  4. TrumpPresidente Says:

    Excellent commentary! Thanks for contributing with your eloquence and clear perception.

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