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March 14, 2016


imageAccording to 21st Century Politically Correct Guidelines; I am a racist, and apparently a fascist as well. In fact, anyone who rejects leaving their FRONT and BACKDOORS of their home open is one as well. How dare you not welcome anyone to your living room and take care of them? After all, the Pope says it’s the Christian thing to do. Seems like it’s also the Socialist thing to do. I’m sure all Bernie Sanders’ supporters do it themselves. Don’t dare lock your door! What are you?! A racist? Inhumane?!

Additionally, I don’t trust the government, and especially the Democrat Party. So, call me an anarchist as well.

A few reasons why:

1. The Tuskegee syphillis experiments on African Americans.
2. The genocide of millions of native Americans.

3. The assassination of Malcolm X and Martin Luther King.

4. The highest number of unemployed African Americans in our history, ironically under an African American president.

5. The imprisonment of thousands of Japanese-American citizens during WW2

6. The imprisonment of millions of African American men, and other minorities due in large part to Bill Clinton. The Clinton party encarcerated millions of minorities and exploited the prison industry for the benefit of its corporate lobbyists, and for political gain.

7. The 9/11 attacks where the CIA and the FBI failed to recognize obvious signs of danger.

8. The St Bernardino attacks where local authorities AND neighbors put political correctness above common sense.

And now I am expected to trust these same agencies, bureocrats, and the current system to be able to filter out a whole society that has declared jihad against us?!

Yes, I support changing the system because I don’t trust the system

I support stopping human and drug trafficking.
I support stopping criminals who easily break our nonexistent border controls in order to take advantage of our government’s negligence and naivety.
I support creating a more efficient way to stop unwanted people to enter our country

I support The party of Frederick Douglas, Abraham Lincoln, and Martin Luther King. But I’m ALSO against the GOP BUSH AND NEOLIBERAL ESTABLISHMENT.

Our nation’s top historians reveal that the Democratic Party gave us the Ku Klux Klan, Black Codes, Jim Crow Laws and other repressive legislation which resulted in the multitude of murders, lynchings, mutilations, and intimidations (of thousands of black and white Republicans). On the issue of slavery: historians say the Democrats gave their lives to expand it, the Republicans gave their lives to ban it.

This is the face of Racism and Fascism in today’s America.

I want America to be Great Again, a country where despite circumstances, despite one’s past, and despite one’s limitations, one can achieve inspiring accomplishments with work, faith, and the willingness to succeed. We are not owed anything; we owe success to ourselves!



March 10, 2016


In a world where political correctness, and media-indoctrination tries to shape the character of our nation, it is difficult to freely disagree, or to think independently without being labeled or misjudged.

The silent majority that Donald Trump has emboldened has rapidly turned into an anti-establishment movement on its way to the White House. However, despite the growing popularity of Mr. Trump, there are many regions in the country that are heavily influenced by the media, pseudo-intellectuals, and establishment mouthpieces. Hence, much of the fear to openly support Trump, or to even call oneself a conservative.

Even prominent figures have gone from dismissing Donald, to being curious, to secretly supporting him. We live in a world where our nature is to avoid being perceived as mistaken, or wrong. A world where we fear looking bad.

Nevertheless, we recognize the backwardness of the status quo and the incompetency of the self serving GOP establishment. We have discovered in Donald Trump a fearless leader that does not care to look bad, to be misjudged, or to be misunderstood. He stands by his word, speaks the truth, and recognizes that we need to solve our nation’s problems. And this is inspiring us! We’re slowly coming out!

Donald Trump is not trained in demagogy, in political-double talk, or in the art of the Clintonean leader that can lie and cheat his way into being liked. Donald is a successful entrepreneur with fearless conviction, and the capacity to lead our country into greatness again. His entrepreneurial success is the blueprint on how to end the dysfunction in Washington, the naivety of political correctness, and the corrupt ways of Corporativism.

And now, as he gets closer to the nomination we observe how THE SYSTEM that supports the oligarchs, the corporate lobbyists, the media, and everything that is part of this Orwellian world, has doubled up on insulting, lying, and desperately trying to save the madness of our backwards reality.

We are the silent majority that thinks independently. We have been betrayed by pseudo-conservatives. We have been bamboozled by the American oligarchy, and embarrassed by recurring weak leadership. We are waiting in silence, watching from afar, behind a closet, but with the yearning for a Great America and for someone that can makes us proud again.

Romney 2012, conveniently taking Donald Trump’s money.

March 3, 2016

Lobbyists are fighting hard to stay in power! ‪#‎hypocrisy‬