The Hispanic media as any other “for profit entertainment business” is driven by ratings and advertising dollars. Having said that, it is easier to understand its appeal to mobilize their viewers in favor of candidates, laws and bills that support the legalization of all migrants; as well as fomenting the entry of even more people from spanish speaking countries into the United States. The bigger the hispanic population, the larger their viewing audience.

Nevertheless, one must also understand the serious disservice that the Hispanic media does to its audience. Their main products are: Telenovelas that foment sexism, infidelity, gossip and drama; entertainment shows that promote singers, dancers, athletes, and actors as the most prominent role models for the spanish speaking youth; and news shows obsessed with the legalization of immigrants that entered the country unlawfully, and ways that they can exploit the system for their own benefit, and at the expense of the American citizen.

Of course, you also have the advertising dollars of large corporations that entice its viewers to a lifestyle they can’t afford. These are the same corporations that support establishment politicians that promise to legalize immigrants and pass amnesty laws so that they can have cheaper labor, a larger consumer base, and a bigger audience to target. Banks, credit cards, financial institutions, automobile companies, the pharmaceutical industry, all willing to give the hispanic market the credit and the products that grow corporate profits, but at the cost of huge debt, health complications, drug addiction, obesity, and moral & financial bankruptcy.

Hispanics are persuaded into supporting Democrats or any political demagog that promises to “help them” from the moment they enter the U.S. Most of us fall into the enticing trap of the victimized mind that craves social justice, and that easily buys into the Che Guevarean utopia of social revolution for the poor and needy.

However, ironically most Hispanics are actually very conservative. Many of us are Christian Catholics with strong family values, and religious social views who came to this country in search of opportunity. We are noble hard workers that either left our motherland, or who’s parents came here to escape the torment of corrupt governments that have yet to adopt a political framework that supports justice, freedom and commerce as the best system to improve the quality of life of its citizens. We escaped ecomomic instability, and oligarchic societies with a weak rule of law for a free society where prosperity is possible, and where we can contribute to the creation of a great nation. These conservative views, in addition to our thirst for a non intrusive government makes us naturally born republicans and supporters of any candidate that believes in decreasing the size of government, while stimulating economic growth through hard work, innovation, freedom and justice.



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