In a state known for its “common sense” and love of country, Trump may very well be the candidate with the strongest case for Texans.

Cruz’s approach has been one that outlines the problems of present day politics, and the real possibility of bringing change through standing his ground, and fighting for what he believes. Nevertheless, his lack of charisma, his inability to attract the common citizen to his cause, and a leadership style that mostly disgruntles those with different views are some reasons why Texans prefer to support Donald Trump.

Ironically, Trump and Cruz were arguably on a path to creating a true bromance amongst two outsiders that recognized the necessity to stop the political oligarchy and corporativism from continuing its path of governing for the benefit of lobbyists, special interests, and the political class at the expense of moral and financial decay for most Americans.

Trump’s campaign resonates with most people who thirst for a strong leader with a common sense and pro-American message. A once great America has fallen victim to political correctness, disingenuous liberal weakness, and 1969 utopian dreams that are taking us into the abyss of an Orwellian world. Trump has the voice, the clear ideas, and the common sense plans that can make Texans excited to board the #TrumpTrain.

In contrast, Cruz’s continuous extension of the truth and self righteousness can fire back and turn off those who may not have the same views as his. Cruz points fingers at those without the same moral values, or ethical beliefs as he. Additionally, his latest tactics have been obsesively focused on digging in the past  for anything Ted can throw at Donald; on taking advantage of Ben Carson’s refusal to play dirty tricks; and on attacking Rubio for flip-flopping -of which he himself has been guilty of.

Only Trump can produce a high voter turnout as he has demonstrated by the millions of viewers that have been watching the televised debates, and by the thousands that fill up stadiums to hear him speak. Texas may be the state that brought Cruz to the limelight, but it may very well give Trump a huge win now and in the general elections.


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  1. Jamie Barrett Says:

    Go Trump!!!!

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