Unlike what most media outlets believe, #Hispanics are a very diverse group that sadly have fallen into a stereotype of victimhood, poverty, and a homogeneous way of being. However, many of us take pride of our individuality, our family values, our willingness to improve ourselves, and to being positive contributors to our country: The United States of America.

Those of us who are not brainwashed by #Univision, #Telemundo, or  #CNNenEspañol completely understood #Donald Trump’s message of keeping criminals and unwanted people from entering our country. Human and drug trafficking are very serious problems that politicians have not addressed for way too long and that is now covertly turning our country into a dangerous place to live and raise our children. A strong border and #immigration policy is not just a good idea, it is a terrible necessity.

We do not believe in the flip flopping and pandering of most candidates who make promises for #illegalimmigrants to stay in our country and abuse our system, in order to buy votes at the expense of our livelihood, sovereignty, and safety.

We reject the patronizing of career politicians who are bought by lobbyists, and special interests in order to maintain the status quo, and keep digging our country into financial and moral debt.

We demand a leader that puts our safety and our own interests ahead of those who take advantage of our naivety and our disingenuous political correctness. We fully understand what #Trump means when he says he will stop all #Muslim immigrants from entering the country until we can actually build a system that can filter unwanted people.

We support a leader that knows how to negotiate, and that has a strong track record of  successful deal making.

We support a strong leader who knows how to incorporate world class experts into his team in order to make the best informed decisions; someone who knows how to delegate, and get the most productivity from his team.

Donald Trump is a proven leader, negotiator, motivator, parent, advocate for out veterans, and philanthropist.

Hispanics are not a minority group that predictably votes for the demagogue with the biggest Social Welfare plans. We are Americans who just happen to be Hispanic. We come in all colors, and sizes. And most of all we are individuals with hunger for prosperity and for a Great America again.


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  1. Scott Says:

    Hispanics can support Trump because they want border security to keep out gang members and drug cartels for which they are fleeing. Trump never said he wanted to keep out Mexicans or Hispanics, the biased liberal media said that

  2. TrumpPresidente Says:

    Thank you!

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