TED CRUZ #theevangelist

image#TED #CRUZ

Together with #BenCarson and #DonaldTrump, they lead the anti-establishment movement represented by #Bush, #Rubio, and #Clinton.

Since his arrival to the Senate he has been enemy #1 of the political oligarchy and corporativism in the United States.

His proposals include:
• abolition of the IRS #abolishtheirs
• simplification of the US tax code which would generate economic growth and employment.
• abolition of ObamaCare
• abolition of the recent Irán Treaty.
• stronger and closer relations with allied countries such as Israel.
• stricter control of borders and immigration.
• restoration of the constitution and of the independence of each of the three branches of government.

With strong character and determination Cruz has fought adamantly against corruption, the status quo, and even against his own party.

However, there is a sense of disingenuousness in his rhetorical speeches that many times lack pragmatism. This particular trait has earned him enemies, doubt, antipathy with many voters, and the title of “radical ideologist”.


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