Marco Rubio #thedemagog


#‎MarcoRubio‬ represents everything most people think of a politician. Blessed with great oratory and eloquence; well prepared to debate over any topic; very clear on his conservative philosophy, yet very quick to change colors according to circumstances and political strategy.
Astute, eager, convincing, and very flexible with his reasoning.

Campaign promises and strengths:
• simplify the tax code to foment job growth and investment.
• depending on who asks, he favors amnesty for illegal immigrants. However, he will argue for stronger border controls and immigration laws during republic debates
• proposes a stronger military and a more involved roll in world affairs. (specifically with the United States role in combating terrorism).
• He’s the last hope for the republican establishment.
• The precipitous fall of ‪#‎Jeb‬ Bush during the first primaries and the polls, has created a strong influx of support from republican establishment, Wall Street, corporations, bankers, and multinationals for Rubio.
• Marco Rubio represents the best hope for the American oligarchy to defeat the anti-Washington movement led by ‪#‎Trump‬, Cruz, and Carson.


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