Our take on #Corporativism aka #Hilary #Clinton


The Legal issues due to her imprudence while Secretary of State put her at serious risk for being disqualified as a presidential candidate for the United States.
Additionally, her credibility is questioned due to the corrupt history of her last name. As the face of #corporativism , it is very difficult to distance herself from lobbyists, and a political past marred with lies, corruption, and oligarch privilege.
Her lack of charisma is also another source of worry for the Democrats who don’t have in her a candidate that can mobilize voters and promise a good voter turnout.
• thinking to be above the law is a Clinton characteristic that is responsible for putting delicate government information at risk while Hilary was Secretary of State.
• lied and covered up for her incompetence regarding the circumstances that lead to the death of American citizens that died during a terrorist attack in Benghazi.
• accused of fraudulent behavior as principal partner for The Clinton Foundation.
• lied about a visit to Bosnia while her husband was President, where she claimed to have survived artillery fire as she came off a plane. Videos later showed how children sang and danced as part of a welcome ceremony for her.
• accused of insider trading after turning a $1,000 investment into over $100,000 in less than a year.
• accused of enabling ‪#‎BillClinton‬ with his sexual addiction issues; to the point of harassing any woman who speaks out against her husband. (Rape, infidelity, sexual harassment)
Her campaign promises are similar to Sanders’ regarding social welfare.
Additionally she also promises to keep enforcing ObamaCare, and to continue with the Obama doctrine regarding Foreign Affairs.
Like Sanders, Clinton doesn’t take into account the cost of her promises. However, unlike Sanders she will most likely protect the status quo and look out after her corporate sponsors, her Wall Street contributors, and her lobbyists interests.
The media, multinationals, Hollywood, lobbyists, big contributors, and all who have a hand in influencing decision making and government will support Hilary. But hope is not lost; America wants to be great again.


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