imageThe 2016 elections are the first time that a socialist candidate actually has a real chance of being the Democrat nominee for the  presidency of the United States.

Arguably this may be justified by the precedence of 8 years of virtual socialist agendas under an executive that has enjoyed the allegiance of the other two powers of the state, in addition to the never ending blessing of the media.

Additionally, the legal problems that are surrounding Hilary #Clinton have put her candidacy at risk of being suspended.

Part of the attraction to Sanders is that he represents an alternative to the oligarchy, the corruption, the status quo, and the influence of the ever expanding corporativism of which Hilary Clinton is its most prominent representative.

Sanders promises include:

  • free education (including college education)
  • legalization of illegal immigrants
  • increasing social welfare
  • redistribute wealth by taxing the rich
  • Raising the minimum wage

Sadly, as many socialist dreamers and demagogs do, Sanders does not consider the fiscal cost, the damage to foreign investments, the job market, and the national deficit that his plans would produce. The devaluation of the dolar would be imminent

Venezuela, Ecuador, North Korea are the most recent countries that have experimented with this social utopia of equality and big government. just the fact that such a candidate can have a chance of becoming the President of the United Stares is a reflection of the dangerous path that our society is falling too.


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2 Responses to “#TheSocialist”

  1. Zurita con zetaahh!!! :-) Says:

    Sanders is considering raising the standard of living for the 99% that create the wealth of the country and lowering the profits of oligarchy of America. Why are YOU concerned about the wealthiest getting less? You one of the them? Zurita con con!!! 🙂

  2. Robert. E.D. Says:

    I notice you mentioned the three failed socialist experiments… why did you not mention Canada, Iceland, Sweden, Norway, England and any of the other Successful Socialist governments?..
    At least two of these countries imprisoned the moguls, that were directly responsible for the 08 recession…
    This seems like another one sided write up.. propaganda that shares only points to make people fear what they are not familiar with..
    Who’s paying you to tell only half truths? It’s irresponsible media that has led America into the ugly turmoil in which it currently resides..
    Well your agenda is obvious. You favor a side.. you are not an American. You are a right sider.. you are at war with the so called left-siders.. a propaganda war that Hitler himself would envy.. you are a credit to lies.. and a failure as a journalist…
    tell the whole story.. or no story, the end of the free world will be blood on the hands of liars and half truth deniers… and you will be sought for retribution..
    I bid you, Good day Sir…

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