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February 29, 2016


The Hispanic media as any other “for profit entertainment business” is driven by ratings and advertising dollars. Having said that, it is easier to understand its appeal to mobilize their viewers in favor of candidates, laws and bills that support the legalization of all migrants; as well as fomenting the entry of even more people from spanish speaking countries into the United States. The bigger the hispanic population, the larger their viewing audience.

Nevertheless, one must also understand the serious disservice that the Hispanic media does to its audience. Their main products are: Telenovelas that foment sexism, infidelity, gossip and drama; entertainment shows that promote singers, dancers, athletes, and actors as the most prominent role models for the spanish speaking youth; and news shows obsessed with the legalization of immigrants that entered the country unlawfully, and ways that they can exploit the system for their own benefit, and at the expense of the American citizen.

Of course, you also have the advertising dollars of large corporations that entice its viewers to a lifestyle they can’t afford. These are the same corporations that support establishment politicians that promise to legalize immigrants and pass amnesty laws so that they can have cheaper labor, a larger consumer base, and a bigger audience to target. Banks, credit cards, financial institutions, automobile companies, the pharmaceutical industry, all willing to give the hispanic market the credit and the products that grow corporate profits, but at the cost of huge debt, health complications, drug addiction, obesity, and moral & financial bankruptcy.

Hispanics are persuaded into supporting Democrats or any political demagog that promises to “help them” from the moment they enter the U.S. Most of us fall into the enticing trap of the victimized mind that craves social justice, and that easily buys into the Che Guevarean utopia of social revolution for the poor and needy.

However, ironically most Hispanics are actually very conservative. Many of us are Christian Catholics with strong family values, and religious social views who came to this country in search of opportunity. We are noble hard workers that either left our motherland, or who’s parents came here to escape the torment of corrupt governments that have yet to adopt a political framework that supports justice, freedom and commerce as the best system to improve the quality of life of its citizens. We escaped ecomomic instability, and oligarchic societies with a weak rule of law for a free society where prosperity is possible, and where we can contribute to the creation of a great nation. These conservative views, in addition to our thirst for a non intrusive government makes us naturally born republicans and supporters of any candidate that believes in decreasing the size of government, while stimulating economic growth through hard work, innovation, freedom and justice.




February 28, 2016


Everyone confirmed what is already known:

Probably his best debate. He didn’t look desperate to make a point, seemed less scripted, and has a decent record. However, he is the Democrats favorite because he represents the status quo. Foreign policy, ObamaCare, the IRS, corporativism, and bad trade agreements will go unchecked under #Kasich.

Sadly his demeanor is not made for TV, nor attractive, nor inspiring enough for an audience in need for excitement, energy, and motivation. Carson can be an asset serving under Trump, but he lacks the leadership skills to be the leading presidential candidate.

RUBIO: (aka The #Shkreli of the GOP)
Rubio may have been declared the winner by the liberal media and attracted some support from establishment republicans who can’t seem able to stop the Trump, Cruz, & Carson movement of political outsiders defeating today’s GOP & the Washington Cartel; but he did it at the expense of exposing himself as the slimy demagog that he is.
Marco Rubio skillfully dodged admitting his flip-flopping to Telemundo’s Maria Celeste Arrarás’ question about his change of heart regarding deporting the parents of American citizens, and may have looked good to the neoliberal Bush crowd, but he also looked as Clintonesque as any sleazy politician can inspire to be.

Marco Rubio’s obedient attacks against Trump may have made lobbyists very happy (in addition to the obnoxious hyena-sounding laughing buffoon who screamed in ecstasy after every snarky remark from Rubio), but it also added to the disgust for smart-witted, cold-hearted, egocentric statesmen that are willing to say or do whatever is needed in order to achieve their goals.

His uncharismatic leadership style, and his willingness to bulldoze over anyone in order to achieve his personal goals feeds to the general perception of Cruz being disingenuous and self righteous.

His flip-flopping, and questionable financial practices seem hypocritical when he is very quick to accuse, judge, and sentence anyone as: unfit to be President. Cruz counts on the common belief that voters are naive, gullible, and misinformed enough to be able to read through his lies, and dirty tactics.

Ted Cruz is a well prepared candidate, with formidable debating skills, and intellectual proficiency. However, most political analysts fail to recognize that we are witnessing an evolutionary leap in the conscience of the American voter. The academic, well spoken, constitutionalist, revolutionary, utopian savior & political demagog has finally ceased to be the required characteristic for leading our nation. Decades of political corruption, pandering, patronizing, and corporate protectionism have reached a tipping point, and have found in Donald Trump the strong leader who is willing to put self-sabotaging political correctness aside in favor of a proven and pragmatic style that produces outstanding results, excellence, productivity, and unapologetic success.

Despite the attacks against his style and his accomplishments, Donald is the embodiment of an Ayn Rand character who through hard work, entrepreneurship, and ambition achieves great prosperity while also creating work and opportunities for others.
The importance of his character is not only a motivating example for goal oriented individuals, but it is a philosophical and metaphysical “way of being” that can transcend beyond his empire, and into the political realm. It’s a rebirth of the glorious time when our forefathers created a nation based on Christian principles to guide its citizens into an ontology that was capable of building a new world filled with opportunities.
Centuries later our country has fallen victim to utopianism, corruption, moral degeneration, vice, and sloth. However, the surviving optimism of the silent majority has found in Donald the leadership needed to start a new ontological revolution that will once again make our country great.


February 25, 2016



In a state known for its “common sense” and love of country, Trump may very well be the candidate with the strongest case for Texans.

Cruz’s approach has been one that outlines the problems of present day politics, and the real possibility of bringing change through standing his ground, and fighting for what he believes. Nevertheless, his lack of charisma, his inability to attract the common citizen to his cause, and a leadership style that mostly disgruntles those with different views are some reasons why Texans prefer to support Donald Trump.

Ironically, Trump and Cruz were arguably on a path to creating a true bromance amongst two outsiders that recognized the necessity to stop the political oligarchy and corporativism from continuing its path of governing for the benefit of lobbyists, special interests, and the political class at the expense of moral and financial decay for most Americans.

Trump’s campaign resonates with most people who thirst for a strong leader with a common sense and pro-American message. A once great America has fallen victim to political correctness, disingenuous liberal weakness, and 1969 utopian dreams that are taking us into the abyss of an Orwellian world. Trump has the voice, the clear ideas, and the common sense plans that can make Texans excited to board the #TrumpTrain.

In contrast, Cruz’s continuous extension of the truth and self righteousness can fire back and turn off those who may not have the same views as his. Cruz points fingers at those without the same moral values, or ethical beliefs as he. Additionally, his latest tactics have been obsesively focused on digging in the past  for anything Ted can throw at Donald; on taking advantage of Ben Carson’s refusal to play dirty tricks; and on attacking Rubio for flip-flopping -of which he himself has been guilty of.

Only Trump can produce a high voter turnout as he has demonstrated by the millions of viewers that have been watching the televised debates, and by the thousands that fill up stadiums to hear him speak. Texas may be the state that brought Cruz to the limelight, but it may very well give Trump a huge win now and in the general elections.


February 23, 2016


Unlike what most media outlets believe, #Hispanics are a very diverse group that sadly have fallen into a stereotype of victimhood, poverty, and a homogeneous way of being. However, many of us take pride of our individuality, our family values, our willingness to improve ourselves, and to being positive contributors to our country: The United States of America.

Those of us who are not brainwashed by #Univision, #Telemundo, or  #CNNenEspañol completely understood #Donald Trump’s message of keeping criminals and unwanted people from entering our country. Human and drug trafficking are very serious problems that politicians have not addressed for way too long and that is now covertly turning our country into a dangerous place to live and raise our children. A strong border and #immigration policy is not just a good idea, it is a terrible necessity.

We do not believe in the flip flopping and pandering of most candidates who make promises for #illegalimmigrants to stay in our country and abuse our system, in order to buy votes at the expense of our livelihood, sovereignty, and safety.

We reject the patronizing of career politicians who are bought by lobbyists, and special interests in order to maintain the status quo, and keep digging our country into financial and moral debt.

We demand a leader that puts our safety and our own interests ahead of those who take advantage of our naivety and our disingenuous political correctness. We fully understand what #Trump means when he says he will stop all #Muslim immigrants from entering the country until we can actually build a system that can filter unwanted people.

We support a leader that knows how to negotiate, and that has a strong track record of  successful deal making.

We support a strong leader who knows how to incorporate world class experts into his team in order to make the best informed decisions; someone who knows how to delegate, and get the most productivity from his team.

Donald Trump is a proven leader, negotiator, motivator, parent, advocate for out veterans, and philanthropist.

Hispanics are not a minority group that predictably votes for the demagogue with the biggest Social Welfare plans. We are Americans who just happen to be Hispanic. We come in all colors, and sizes. And most of all we are individuals with hunger for prosperity and for a Great America again.

TED CRUZ #theevangelist

February 22, 2016

image#TED #CRUZ

Together with #BenCarson and #DonaldTrump, they lead the anti-establishment movement represented by #Bush, #Rubio, and #Clinton.

Since his arrival to the Senate he has been enemy #1 of the political oligarchy and corporativism in the United States.

His proposals include:
• abolition of the IRS #abolishtheirs
• simplification of the US tax code which would generate economic growth and employment.
• abolition of ObamaCare
• abolition of the recent Irán Treaty.
• stronger and closer relations with allied countries such as Israel.
• stricter control of borders and immigration.
• restoration of the constitution and of the independence of each of the three branches of government.

With strong character and determination Cruz has fought adamantly against corruption, the status quo, and even against his own party.

However, there is a sense of disingenuousness in his rhetorical speeches that many times lack pragmatism. This particular trait has earned him enemies, doubt, antipathy with many voters, and the title of “radical ideologist”.

Marco Rubio #thedemagog

February 19, 2016


#‎MarcoRubio‬ represents everything most people think of a politician. Blessed with great oratory and eloquence; well prepared to debate over any topic; very clear on his conservative philosophy, yet very quick to change colors according to circumstances and political strategy.
Astute, eager, convincing, and very flexible with his reasoning.

Campaign promises and strengths:
• simplify the tax code to foment job growth and investment.
• depending on who asks, he favors amnesty for illegal immigrants. However, he will argue for stronger border controls and immigration laws during republic debates
• proposes a stronger military and a more involved roll in world affairs. (specifically with the United States role in combating terrorism).
• He’s the last hope for the republican establishment.
• The precipitous fall of ‪#‎Jeb‬ Bush during the first primaries and the polls, has created a strong influx of support from republican establishment, Wall Street, corporations, bankers, and multinationals for Rubio.
• Marco Rubio represents the best hope for the American oligarchy to defeat the anti-Washington movement led by ‪#‎Trump‬, Cruz, and Carson.

Our take on #Corporativism aka #Hilary #Clinton

February 17, 2016


The Legal issues due to her imprudence while Secretary of State put her at serious risk for being disqualified as a presidential candidate for the United States.
Additionally, her credibility is questioned due to the corrupt history of her last name. As the face of #corporativism , it is very difficult to distance herself from lobbyists, and a political past marred with lies, corruption, and oligarch privilege.
Her lack of charisma is also another source of worry for the Democrats who don’t have in her a candidate that can mobilize voters and promise a good voter turnout.
• thinking to be above the law is a Clinton characteristic that is responsible for putting delicate government information at risk while Hilary was Secretary of State.
• lied and covered up for her incompetence regarding the circumstances that lead to the death of American citizens that died during a terrorist attack in Benghazi.
• accused of fraudulent behavior as principal partner for The Clinton Foundation.
• lied about a visit to Bosnia while her husband was President, where she claimed to have survived artillery fire as she came off a plane. Videos later showed how children sang and danced as part of a welcome ceremony for her.
• accused of insider trading after turning a $1,000 investment into over $100,000 in less than a year.
• accused of enabling ‪#‎BillClinton‬ with his sexual addiction issues; to the point of harassing any woman who speaks out against her husband. (Rape, infidelity, sexual harassment)
Her campaign promises are similar to Sanders’ regarding social welfare.
Additionally she also promises to keep enforcing ObamaCare, and to continue with the Obama doctrine regarding Foreign Affairs.
Like Sanders, Clinton doesn’t take into account the cost of her promises. However, unlike Sanders she will most likely protect the status quo and look out after her corporate sponsors, her Wall Street contributors, and her lobbyists interests.
The media, multinationals, Hollywood, lobbyists, big contributors, and all who have a hand in influencing decision making and government will support Hilary. But hope is not lost; America wants to be great again.


February 16, 2016

imageThe 2016 elections are the first time that a socialist candidate actually has a real chance of being the Democrat nominee for the  presidency of the United States.

Arguably this may be justified by the precedence of 8 years of virtual socialist agendas under an executive that has enjoyed the allegiance of the other two powers of the state, in addition to the never ending blessing of the media.

Additionally, the legal problems that are surrounding Hilary #Clinton have put her candidacy at risk of being suspended.

Part of the attraction to Sanders is that he represents an alternative to the oligarchy, the corruption, the status quo, and the influence of the ever expanding corporativism of which Hilary Clinton is its most prominent representative.

Sanders promises include:

  • free education (including college education)
  • legalization of illegal immigrants
  • increasing social welfare
  • redistribute wealth by taxing the rich
  • Raising the minimum wage

Sadly, as many socialist dreamers and demagogs do, Sanders does not consider the fiscal cost, the damage to foreign investments, the job market, and the national deficit that his plans would produce. The devaluation of the dolar would be imminent

Venezuela, Ecuador, North Korea are the most recent countries that have experimented with this social utopia of equality and big government. just the fact that such a candidate can have a chance of becoming the President of the United Stares is a reflection of the dangerous path that our society is falling too.


February 10, 2016

Tomorrow we will start an analysis of each of the leading candidates.

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