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Rutgers Class Review

May 28, 2012

Class Review

My last graduate class in Political Science (US Foreign Policy & the War on Terror) exemplifies the subtle yet aggressive indoctrination of multiple generations of graduate students in the United States by persuasive academic liberal scholars and their ever so influential populist media accomplices. Our nation takes pride in differentiating itself from the shackles of Europeanism and being a nation that not only reinvented the way a country can constitute itself but also invited those who wanted to create a new life for themselves to join in. The US constitution created a country where the pursuit of happiness under the guidance of freedom was possible-and with it-the birth of a new world leader. However, our current addiction to apologetics, political correctness, and utopian dreams created by the baby boomers and reinforced by generations x, y and i is generating a rapidly growing population of emotionally underdeveloped and uninspiring ordinary people. Both unacceptable qualities in order to understand the responsibilities that come with being citizens of America and what that represents. These words should not be confused with pride, or as being overly judgmental or intolerant but instead should be carefully examined in order to truly understand the metaphysical and ontological significance of believing in freedom, God, and the pursuit of happiness. These words are just meant to clarify the power of thoughts and the nature of one’s ability to create one’s own cosmology. Having said this, I fear and worry about what arguably is “the liberal indoctrination of a nation”. This report is my attempt to create awareness regarding this issue and hopefully instigate a counter-intellectual alternative to today’s academic realm. As I said before, my last graduate class summarizes effectively the kind of propagandism that I was subject to throughout my graduate program and which I will (without fear of consequence to my grades) proceed to review.