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New Republican candidates

February 17, 2009

It is very easy to come out and blame the Democrats for our new spending plan. But what happened during the Bush years? Our Republican representatives increased spending and increased our national debt.  And voted  for a war that we should not have gone to.

It is time to replace these candidates and run new blood with leaders that have integrity. This game of pointing fingers to the party in-charge is old and does nothing for us.

Let’s support candidates that take responsibility for their actions and that have integrity. Let’s point the finger at ourselves before we blame others.

Personally, here in NY I do not support our party endorsing Bloomberg. He does nothing for the party, NY is in worse shape then when he took office, and his word means nothing. He is ignoring the will of New Yorkers and maneuvered his way into doing without term limits so that he can run again. DISGUSTING!