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A New Way of Being

December 5, 2008


Worrying about winning political races and strategies about how to take the power back from Democrats only serves those who are interested in personal power. This way of thinking is archaic in addition to being one of the reasons why politics has a bad reputation and why we are in the position we are.

We need to stop blaming Democrats, the media and others for the political and social problems our country faces today. We must take personal responsibility for the state of the GOP and the country.

The purpose of our party is to foment our Republican principles which are:

·         Lowering taxes

·         Personal responsibility and

·         Small government.

In addition it is our social responsibility to support efforts aimed at improving the quality of life of our communities.

Let’s lead the way and transform our party into one that can provide the space and the infrastructure necessary to improve our world. This is an opportunity for us to step up and become involved with groups that provide services and support to families and communities. We should support local:

·         NGO’s (Non Governmental Organizations),

·         Non-for profit organizations, and

·         Small businesses  


By taking on this transformation of Politics, and empowering people to take creative charge of their lives not only will we be aiding in the creation of a “New World” but we’ll be active participants in the creation of a “New Republican Party” that people can relate and admire.

Public Service is the vocation of our politicians, and by creating an extraordinary party system that delivers on this calling we will be able to attract citizen’s to join us in our work.

The purpose of men is to share his/her gifts, abilities and talents with the world. Not only does this fulfill our purpose but it inspires people into achieving their personal goals as well. Accomplished individuals have a more powerful impact in the community through their contacts, networking and know-how experience.

We must encourage social and business networking amongst our peers. This will allow our members opportunities for personal growth at many levels:

·         Spiritual

·         Financial

·         Business

·         Social

As a Party we must serve as the center of social activism and community outreach. With the assistance and support of our members we can create a Community Outreach Program that will work with local programs before mentioned to achieve their mission.

Our Community Outreach Program can be fomented and supported by local:

·         Republican Clubs

·         District Leaders

·         Republican Organizations and

·         Elected Republican Officials   

Each of these entities can create a Community Outreach Committee dedicated to making a difference and to serve the public as I mentioned before. In addition to each committee dedicating itself to the projects it finds most compelling to operate on, they can also work with each other on large scale programs.

Not only will this map strengthen our local communities but it will encourage constituents and members to become socially and politically active. Leading by example will strengthen our party and will attract the type of political talent and thinkers that will help strengthen our country.